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lirik lagu 21spendexx – recreational gynecologist


(exhaling of air)
yuh yuh!
it’s 21spendexx
aka lil advil
aka yung pedialyte
joke about vagi
f~ck it. godd~mn it. i f~cked it up, god f~ckin d
whatever, alright

yuh, fresh outta v~g~n~ college it’s
your friendly neighborhood recreational gynecologist
dropping some reproductive system based knowledge
cause i know when it get wet more often than meteorologists
whipping a mediocre p~n~s
i don’t got a c~ck i got a motherf~cking phoenix
it rises from the asses, evеn after i cum~bust
now there’s cum еverywhere, i guess this sh~t ain’t seem~less
i got a license to drill
d~cked her like a doctor and i’m ready to fill
and i’m professionally examining a hottie with a body
and i graduated motherf~cking summa cum laude
yeah not all doctors are asian
do you want nut? then be patient
you gon’ need a medic after you get meh d~ck
put the pre in premed and the c~ck in your b~tch
99 in a hundred women agree
that if you need a hole filled, i’m the doctor to see
and the only one who didn’t agree happened to be lesbian
there’s nothin wrong with that but like it further proves my point
call me dr. phil~andering
eating booty and taking my time, just meandering (me and her ring)
seeing titty like a mammogram
uptown for the longest time i’m the piano man
v~g~n~ vaporizer
trachea terminator
esophagus eliminator
a litter of alliterative phrases
dealin’ with baby making sp~ces
on a case by case basis
and maybe chase a few chases to maintain homeostasis
leave the p~ssy dead like grey’s sis
this g’s d een her a like a bassist
thunder to the p~ssy when i smash in the bas~m~nt
her legs ajar, mason, my c~ck adjacent (a jay scent)
like hov cologne
line up the triangle like toblerone
ink on her face like she post malone
call me seeley booth how i propose to bone
you’re supposed to moan
speak to the p~ssy like i’m doc doolittle
the one who spit game through the whole hospital
she say “my neck been k!lling me”
and i go down the throat, penicillin v
course i’m in it erect and empty out my b~lls
the abortion clinic’s directly down the hall
no plastic surgeon, but i still paint b00bs
when i unload my kids like a bus to st. jude’s
i got the endors~m~nts
to take you indoors and explore your proportions
i’m all about that doctor~patient confidentiality
my lips are sealed (though yours aren’t) and i’m mending your malady
i’ll hit as long as you don’t have a constant itching
but i always wrap the weasel cause i ain’t no obstetrician
my swollen pasta be an abdomen shocker we
gonna do a free diy blind colonoscopy