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lirik lagu 21spendexx – 21.1 (interlude)


[skit: 21spendexx & 21spendexx doing a voice]
f~cking hate press conferences, f~cking bullsh~t
f~ck this sh~t, god f~cking d~mn it
i need a xan and some breast milk right the f~ck now
h~llo spencer
what the f~ck! jesus christ!
f~ck… god d~mn, how the f~ck did you get in here?
the… the door was open, dude
can… can you leave?
alright, well what the f~ck do you want then?
well, i’d first like to ask what was up with that press conference, man
what do you mean?
well, you, you got on the stage
everyone asked “is 21 back”
and then you rapped six songs and then lеft
and didn’t say anything else
what of it?
well, uh… alright, moving on
what doеs it all mean?
like, like the album
is it, is it a concept, is it a metaphor, or
uh, yeah, its a metaphor for racial tensions in america
it— really?
no you f~cking moron
it’s… it’s about this secret that i have
that i’ve been holding onto for a really long time
i hint at it a lot in my lyrics, and…
you know what? no. f~ck this. f~ck this!
i’m not gonna keep holding on to this!
i’m not gonna live in fear
i’m gonna say it
you’re g~y!
i’m h~rny


i’m not f~cking g~y
you’re not?
no, i’m h~rny. i’m excruciatingly h~rny all the time
dude that’s not a secret
you know what f~ck you
you break into my dressing room and i speak my truth to you and this is what i get?
you f~cking p~ssass sh~td~ck little
you know what? i don’t need you
i’m gonna let the whole world know that i’m h~rny
bro you just did that for 18 minutes and~~

good evening, everyone, um