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lirik lagu 21shoom – rich and sad


house, where they love on me
house where they hate on me
swear to god, dont trust your b~tch
i dont cheat on you, at least
f~ck my life, and f~ck my dreams
still feel shame in school for real
i do not speak in public

hiding from big city life
cause i dont want pop big lines
be in a jacket, among the stars
be in the spotlight, that’s false light

that’s false light on your mind
you chose dark side, not right
you want mountains of gold, don’t you?
you want pretty b~tch, you sure?

[chorus 2]
yeah my way, so lonely game
i am full connect with pain
getting money full in sad
getting numbers but not tracks
this hard sh~t, i can’t еxpect
this my youth and i can’t flex
i do not have teen romancе
getting money still sad too
i lost tech. school, im recording album
i’m just glad, i dont waste time for this useless
give a f~ck if he sucks
i will continue stay on my side
you will know bout me
if we doesn’t blow, i got souls they’re free