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lirik lagu 21shoom – cocaine of rap


fenny in a cup, feeling good now
fourteen on a deck, feeling stay high
hot momma dripping on a beat now
big reddy boy wanna b~tch ,yeah

popping pills on a lesson
i dont trust a lot of pressure
pressing whip, and feeling s~xual
section rich around my neck shirt
show on day, you call me peso
mommy make to me expresso
rich young boy, you feeling stress,hoe
i been working, trade up, messed up

you dont wanna play another sh~t
you just wanna be in stack on a backseat
i can really feel, what you mean
man, lets think about future lip

[verse 2]
step back
dendy go black
doing crazy for crack
smoking my sh~t in a granny with b~tch
looking for sheesh
but im never do flip
danny go phantom
phantom on me
phantom on you
but you never see bleed
bleed ice white
back on sprite
speed my line, yeah im fine
i’ll be f~ck with a ghost
i’ll be f~ck in a dark
dont do naked on a floor
they would shots my tats
please just shot my dad