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lirik lagu 21shoom – circle of junkies [prod. young vaniw]


intro : hey, this is a bikini bottom land, why are you hear like that? yeah you better hide your number card!

hook: im in a circle
drippin too hard
drippin to mars
drippin to mars drippin to mars
now i feel that ice [ice, ice]
when i make first deal i like what i did?
when i drop this opp want more blood
lil wigga tryna get f~cked up
but my bullets not ways down [no!]
you can run or waste your time
slider got bullet in head and froze
slider mom won’t see son f~cked drop
when i make first mil, are you done?
are you ready to see competitor
are you ready to be obey?
packing staff on the background fade [background fade]

smash this junkie like cobain
yeah, your pain still all there
shotgun five, go around
picked this b~tch, what i want
when the noise of the bells went away
i k!ll only under the classic bach
i k!ll only under the classic bach

i am shine like star : voice of childrens
say to wiggers, take your distance
makin money, like stealer christmas
feelin dyin, and f~ck your sisters
and your girl, my lil missis
she wanna f~ck me on a this streets
on your block, on a this square

sweet sativa on a work day
flexin with these from 6th grade
yeah im kobe, hold my brain
please again, not start play