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lirik lagu 21prado – voices


(pre – chrorus)

i follow my ways now

i do what i can now

dark days they be gone now

i be looking at a better me now

i be tryna do it not for my town

been a long time i’ve been doing this now now they tryna say my name…..


hold on

are you insane

you was never with me

tryna take away my pains

yeah claimed they got my back

they lied cos no one stayed

i hear voices in me saying

find a better place

i hear voices in me

yeh dem voices keep me safe

(verse 1)

can’t run away from your shadows

we could never tell whats tomorrow

i be doing me from get go

doing music never let go

yeah they just wanna see me fail but i told tight, hoping to find the light

making it through the night

you found one

making you alright

taking you through the highs & lows

don’t you ever play around & never let her go

i ain’t got no friends, man only brothers that i know

thank god im alive man i’ve been moving coast to coast

i hear voices in me yeah them voices keep me close

to god ;

on and on

your lives a fraud

she just wanna get some

tell em turn the b-ss up

and have some fun like woo

voices in my head

yeah dem voices keep safe

(second verse)

now i be hotter than the mountains

waves flowing through me like a fountain

i’m a wavey yute; tryna maintain

and i’m fuelled up like i’m propane

no sweat, no blood, no pain, no gains

tryna decode my dna

leading the universe go astray

but we keeping quiet like that’s okay

we can never know

cos they never let it show

dancing with the devil

till a sunshine turn to snow

freezing with no ice

but you come out it gets cold

turn a verse to many

and i got love for my bros