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lirik lagu 21prado – stopping me


i ain’t got no chill
if you talk about bands
my n~ggas they get it for real
i been up two days, don’t ask
i don’t know how i feel
i know too many secrets, they ask
i will never reveal
and these scars never heal
stopping me ,stopping me , stopping me
i’m on top now
how they gonna stop me?
if you owe me, i want my money
gotta pay up my cash like monopoly
came from a cold place, i make it sunny
i’m on a wave , she told me she love me
always getting looked at
now we get money
keep a low pro
they know how we coming

(verse 1)
you can takе a look at me
i can show all the things that i been through
young n~gga on the way
thеy be showing fake love, but i see you
and i came from the lane
n~ggas talk about you like a review
had to proof myself
they don’t really care
so you gotta do you
ocean, ocean
take a look at my motion
they approach me with caution
and i got a passion for fashion
all that talking don’t face me
sound like a mic distortion
when i’m feeling lazy i’m the booth attention
i ain’t showing two face cos a n~gga money every day
but now they wanna hate me, i never copy no trend
yet they said i gotta find my own way
look i make it easy
shawty don’t mean nothing to me
never feel a certain way
look i know a n~gga who a ran from plug
only the plug can finesse from the plug
i’m gonna take my time
it’s perfect timing, i’m on a grind
you reap what you sore
i’m levelling up yea
they ringing my phone
my kissing my cup yea