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lirik lagu 2190 – lawn of the bed


the bikes were racked up
while i was sippin’ my cup
the little ol’ ashes
they move like flashes
a house made of wood
it wasn’t too good
so there they went on
while the kid did a yawn
no wonder that the people really don’t like the flowers
they look like they’ve been raw for millions of hours
guns going bang, through the whole neighborhood
it looks like a gang just went out to steal some food

and it sat there
without a small glimpsе of care
and while they movеd it
it started a party of slit
and i was moving
while it was proving
that it indeed was the lawn of the bed

9~1~1, whats the emergency?
we need you here,in an urgency!
what has happened?
there was a a bed and~
have you cut out sir?
i am in such a blur!
send the services
for urgent purposes
the plan shall be moving
for the acts are proving
that there is murder
not, because of martyr
but for revenge
for i am on edge

and they got there
and they acted a swear
as they saw the horror
of the explorer
they took out the guns
while the bed took the sons
to prove
that indeed it was the lawn of the bed

go, go, go, go!
go, go, go, go!
go, go, go, go!
go, go, go, go!
go, go, go, go!
go, go, go, go!
go, go, go, go!
go, go, go, go!