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lirik lagu 21 swalker – morning wood


ohh yeah
ohh yeah aye
hey i’m 21 swalker b~tch
can’t f~ck with me
f~ckin best rapper out here
i’m not rappin on dis sh~tty ass beat, let me change it
lucky sax yerr me?
ohh this is a good love story you ready for this, you ready for this
no one’s ever heard this story because it’s be private
but i’ma tell you right now

one time i f~cked a dude he was pretty rude
so i gave him d~ck
next thing you know he was so f~ckin sick
my d~ck was small but it felt really good
the guy was from my f~ckin neighborhood
i gave him some nice hard wood in the morning
you know that he was f~ckin stormin’
stormin‘ down my house
stormin’ to my blouse
in the storage unit you can find it in the house
if you wanna hang it you can go ahead and bang it
go ahead and round it up because i’m finna go and slang it
it’s a long dingaling
make him go and sling
like a f~ckin yoyo
you already know doe
if you wanna play with me than you gonna have some money
because i can’t f~ck with no broke n~ggas no with broke money
mmm chh
yuh woah
you see that guy over there
he’s pretty thick
don’t put that in don’t put that in
aye aye (cough)
oh sh~t
my prince you know
my prince, my prince is osvaldo
he’s pretty fine
okay you know nice ears
let me just go ahead
he’s got a nice body he is such a hottie
he is so cute i want him in my body
he’s got a big booty he is not no furity
he touches me everyday when i’m in the moody
f~ck i messed up. cut that out
yooo i can hear everything y’all are saying outside