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lirik lagu 21 pence – challenge x


i got the rhythm, hanging with homies and i gotta be with them
they gotta depend on me, almost every month i see them, i see them
1, 2, 3, 4
get your goodd~mn on the floor, and do some push~ups, until i say stop
now, stop
5, 6, 7, 8
ya know what to do, just wait… for a new thing i want you to do
clap your hands until i say stop
now, stop
good, that’s if you did it and stopped, yeah
yo, yo, yo, ha
now, say 21 pence 21 times
did ya do it?
good if you did
now, how about elbow bumping with your pal, do it 5 times, until i say stop
now, stop
give me a hey yo, give me a huh~he
give me, huh~he, give me a, huh~he

now, i gave you challenges to do, what’s the next challenge i’m gonna give to you, that wasn’t a question but i’m just stating
now longer waiting, how is my challenges, give me a rating
yeah, i hope it was good, dope and now i’m gonna go, but here’s the continue of the beat tho, yo
bye, bye