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lirik lagu 20means – know thy name.


lately i’ve been trying to understand
why these negus stepping to the g~nius
misdemeanors, since a toddler means had the means of a senior
yeah graduated 12th grade, the graduate without an “a”
funny cause they’ll be spinning my cd’s in my f’ing grave
starving artists keep it consistent only when talking sh~t
they get a bigger head but forget the ones that they started with
til’ money come up missing or negus piercing your cartilage
if not your life, they taking what you got, now you lost all of it
the carolina sound system booming all through your town
bringing you the ruckas, the name is heard & it’s often now
bound to catch another f~cking charge before we watered down
& pushing with the pressure, if you test it we gon’ be like
any rapper leave him toast
going home he make a post
keep them twitter fingers moving, you don’t want that beef to roast
talking big dawg sh~t, but i ain’t worried ’bout a joke
but just be careful with approach because i hope you know you talking to the 20!