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lirik lagu 2020 the guitar playing rapper – spaceship freestyle


[verse: 2020 the guitar playing rapper]
when i miss i miss it big
out the amazon van i p~ss on twigs
think my ghostwriter got some problems
think he passed off his last gig
i want hits and big glitz on my next drop
i need out fits for under one bill
boys don’t need big tits on their newsfeed
they need pics that help their d~cks chill
2010’s vibe man this thing slaughter
put me on the map be my marauder
lemme disappear right quick like magic come back rain down on ya’ll like water, it’s lit

i got neon spit
luminescent flow light is emitted
everything i rap fits like it’s knitted
lightwaves, dark waves, all transmitted
feeling bad like bhabie, woah like vicky
drip on my wall cuz the paint not sticky
certain kind of rapper built like lil d~cky
i’d rather get no love than an ass hickey
if rap is just a game it’s ice hockey

step on the ice nice and c~cky
asap rocky confidence plan
makes no sense but it builds that brand, builds that fanbase sp~ceship don’t land gotta take off quick wit~ness first hand adlib like (migo)
rap alter ego
if we’re gonna die a disease is how we go fly to puerto rico
lay low and chill
stimulus check to pick up the bill
bounce to brazil while the forest still green
murder this beat then flee the crime scene
i’m a new vaccine not tested enough
half of my plans are made off of the cuff
undercover like intel
fire like i’m in h~ll
bars so hot i got em simpin’ like an incel
(need a) world that’s connected, a car that’s electric, a dollar for every time i’ve been infected i’d be rich with 80 percent in a safe
8 model 3’s for the price of one wraith
world’s biggest herk for the price of just eighth of one
ride of my life at the price of my faith
i pop a percocet into the garbage can regain my conscious and pop it in place
used to be bitter bout anything typical, topical, tropical, plain or anthropical
ignorant anger for bitterness sake
keep it in sleep but not when i’m awake
keep it atypical i know it’s critical talk in 10 years about taking a break
i don’t take the cake
just l!ck the knife
rock is my mistress and rap is my wife
music affair but the air has no drama diorama cuz what i spit comes to life
dalai lama chillin bigger problem k!llin’ smoking my hate out an amethyst pipe
amethyst type
purple aura flora colored jacket under colorful light
i don’t need hype
green aurora like i’m like nick in nick and nora this is my night
spit it on sight
you know the vibes
i pop what my recommended prescribes
cooked up the beat
served up the sides
i’m not a rapper your grandma described
brian may piece
whammy and slide
i’m on a quest for some rappers named tribe
i’m a journey to come up and f~ck around
i play with words like the senate with bribes