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lirik lagu 2017 london cast of the wind in the willows – speed is of the essence


[mrs otter]
so you’ve not met mr. toad
well you’re in for quite a treat
of all the river bankers
he’s the one you have to meet
how would one describe him
well i’d hate to use label
but the word i think best sums him up

it’s true toad has no stability at all
especially in a boat

[mrs otter]
speed is of the essence
there is little doubt
speed is the quintessence of what toad is all about
and if it’s bigger, brighter, faster
and goes flash

or zoom

[mrs otter]
or whizz
[mrs otter & rat]
without a thought the item’s bought
and toad has made it his

[mrs otter]
there’s always something better
there’s always something new
there’s always something reckless that amphibian will do
there’s always some new gadgetry to satisfy his thirst
some newfangled contraption and he has to have it first

there’s always something flashy, that always hard to steer
there’s always some invention that he has to pioneer
there’s always some new gizmo that he’ll purchase on a whim
for self~control has never been an obstacle to him

speed is an affliction, sadly overlooked
speed is an addiction, and alas poor toad is hooked

[mrs otter]
and if it’s nippy, snazzy, faddish
and can go at quite a l!ck

[mrs otter & rat]
the deal is done, you better run
take cover pretty quick
there’s always something pricey
there’s always something chic

[mrs otter]
there’s always some new craze that he’s forgotten in a week

there’s always some essential that he thinks will give him clout

[mrs otter]
so pity all the rest of us who have to do without

[mrs otter & rat]
his taste is rather fickle
his thoughts hop here and there
it lands him in a pickle but he doesn’t seem to care
he doesn’t seem to care

(music break)

[mrs otter]
there’s always some new fashion that makes him look a toff
there’s always something fancy and he has to show it off

[mrs otter & rat]
there’s always something silly that he thinks is rather swish

[mrs otter]
now if you’ll please excuse me i must go and catch some fish