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lirik lagu 2016 pharaoh – death 7 (feat. wavy jone$) [prod. by c.r.c]


[verse 1: pharaoh]
yeah. yeah
catch me running from the cops in my chevy drop top
they won’t get off my back so i had to fire shots
i’m running out of ammo so i had to make a swap
i’m thinking i’m not ready to die no i’m not
pop pop goes the uzi while i’m shouting free boosie
got a knife to my throat while i’m sparking up a lucy
my life is almost over
i’m running out of time
girls kissing on my neck with triple 6 on my mind
god d-mn i’m a mad man
smoking kush from afghan
my clique run so deep you would’ve thought we a f-cking clan
yeah i can
bash your skull with a f-ckin rock
put you in a sock
popping off the glock while i’m catching slop
chop chop chop chop chop
chopping up work like a robot
asking where your b-tch is, i made her body drop
stop, stop stop, hold up
pour another ounce in my cup
i be sippin’ sippin’ so much you would’ve thought i had enough
you say you caught a homicide
i’mma call you in ya bluff
stop trynna act tough
if i catch you in public i’mma throw up [?]
comin’ straight outta h-ll
you would’ve thought you had it rough

[verse 2: wavy jone$]
p-ssy mother f-ckers wanna talk sh-t
broke mother f-ckers never buy sh-t
simple mother f-cker i’mma pop sh-t
screamin slug life death a mother f-cking option
i f-cked your b-tch raw and you [?]
sittin’ sideways i’m on the loch ness
on my f-ck sh-t i’m [?]
tell a hoe to suck tell her suck it don’t stop b-tch