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lirik lagu 2007 – ​hideout


[verse 1: 2007]
i can’t breath, can’t even speak
no way
i don’t think, i just do
my way

drugs on the table
i won’t touch them
tie a knot around my neck
with some cable

seeing lights when i crash
interstate, hit the dash
i see diamonds and they flash
all good things don’t always last

count my bucks
diamond cuts
pixie dust
in my guts

call my name
see me run
counting the days
they’re always the same
baby, k!ll me
tie to me the railroad tracks
i don’t really care
as long as i make my stacks

witch house

[verse 2: guappuchino]
you knew i loved it
but you were so above it
i’ve done some bad sh~t
just to get thеse racks in
i’ve spent my wholе life
following a plan i don’t believe in, yeah
i’ve spent my whole life
chasing a girl, she don’t know i exist yet, yeah
pull me off to the side
tell me everything’s alright
through the sky, side by side
hold me down for one last night
hold me tight
you took one, i took three
i don’t think it’s good for me
heavy breaths, swollen knees
do you feel the same as me?
brain starts flipping, t~~th go numb
this ain’t good, it’s how it goes