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lirik lagu 2 yuxng – tell me


yeah, 2 yuxng
got pride, can’t call, can’t text
been long since i heard from you girl what’s next
heard that n~gga on your breast going crazy
at the parties taking that sh~t to your head
you prolly messing with some n~ggas that i don’t relate
heavy is the crown but i thought you were a queen
why you don’t let me come down to your friends?
got a different key to your place what’s next
i don’t know is it true that he cumin in your br~~sts

s~x times heard that you been grabbing on his chest
got different names and codes for yourselves
posting up pics and you tagging yourselves
when you need chills you gonna chill at his home
why you in a rush when you talking to me girl
got depressed and got covered with stress
girl you pressed fire on the gun want me dead

gotta find out where your heart beating
your pretty little fears in the night creeping
you was so good that was last season
ima walk away with my heart bleeding
you said it was love you was just kidding
made me fall deep you got trapped in it
i ain’t tryna be numb not that sh~t
i did the sacrifice, love and sh~t

tell me where you wanna f~ck from, in a car, in a bas~m~nt, get your ass up on my car while you bending
i know he don’t do like this, what you craving?
put a lil tat on your ass cause we gangstas
i left em wh0res on the street for your attention
tell me why you left what we had
tell me why you, left girl