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lirik lagu 2 yuxng – for a minute


i just wanna let you know how i’ve been baby
something been wrong with my mind lately
can’t stop all fantasy i’m getting lately
funny how i got you but i’m on you crazy
and i keep tapping on your pics on my phone daily
then i just think about how our s~x crazy
but i’m too happy then f~cked later
pick up myself but then go back later

been long since i saw you in that dress baby
whole night we been in foreplay
cold thighs brighter with your cold ice
african glow with your brown eyes
yeah i’m prolly pasting pictures in my head
you the type that i want for a baby not a date
you the type that i want for a diamond on your ring
you the type that i put on repeat on a playlist

sunz down, wanna put the mic down
i still my mind heavy bae right now
shooting stars, dey ain’t even shot for us
lay a n~gga down if he tryna play us
put you right beside if you ever get cold
i don’t know what these f~ck n~ggas even know
you know i got your back from day one bae of course
hate when you gone for too long
i ain’t tryna act thirsty but can i blow a phone for minute
can i get my voice in your head for minute
can i get your skirt really short for a minute