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lirik lagu 2 people together – i don’t


[verse 1:yung homie]
do you know what i mean?
i don’t care if you don’t
i’m don’t run the game, but i finna be at the top
i’m a yung homie with them cash monies
i feel like taylor, crossing line into pop
i give you grey poupon, my fans just ask for mustard
i’m you go too, i’m like pikachu
pika pika, it’s written on your grave, when you finna start one remember what i say, pika pika it written on your grave
[verse 2: big ease]
my name is big ease
i’m like the giver you finna be released
black skies, i’m like hurricane matthew i’ma get another shot
high winds, dollars everywhere
i swear you can’t control me, no one can
i’m done with you
dark knight, that’s what i am, not fighting crime
free hugs, the clowns gonna get you