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lirik lagu 2 chainz – southside hov


i’m from the southside where it’s lukewarm
where n~ggas set you up for robbery and help you look for ’em
i’ve been a stepper, i walk around with my own shoe h~rn
this type of flow, i give the opposition goosebumps
i saw my dad die, and told that n~gga, “wake up”
my momma woke me up and asked me for a wake~up
you playin’ checkers, i play chess like an eight~cup
i sold pounds, i ain’t never have a paystub, uh
i’m from the gutter, diamonds studded, i am too for real
name another rapper that got a versacе shoe deal
the turkеy bags next to the digit scales
i act a donkey, they just don’t know where to pin the tail
i’m sick for real ever since enfamil
tiffany colored blocker shields, the size of zinfandels
got riverdale in my fingernails
i got the shoe from miguel, i know it fit me well, uh
lentil soups, i’m on my health kick
i’m ’bout to sell most expensivest to netflix
i put slapping p~ssy n~ggas on my checklist
i think they think i’m soft ever since i had kids
it take me everything not to throw it all away
you did some stupid sh~t and left your chick with all the babies
and when i call just to ask her if she need somethin’
she said, “yeah, me and my friend want a threesome”
so help me god
don’t bite the hand that feed you
don’t talk behind his back, they won’t believe you
whether it’s legal or illegal
whether you valet or a boss, we born equal
you know the root of all evil
they say it’s money, but money help people
they say it’s money, but money help people
they say it’s money, but money help people