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lirik lagu 2 chainz – give the way that you receive vlog


so yeah!
is that time of the year
it is the season
put up
for me i
i think i’m gonna take it a little bit further, you know
see on
people to follow me or going on with me
you know that
they know that a lot of money six this
is due to my work and ?? and my work ??
is due to the fake that i lost
my pops, you feel?
see, i don’t like to seat around
this stack, doing nothing
wasted town, then god gave me i don’t wanna do it
so i can keep going
or i start day dream, and thinking about my pops
no, is it something wrong with that?
i don’t know, but i rather not thinking about it
i just work work work
you know, my pop birthday is on christmas
and so for me the last past couple of years i just .. you know
a lot of dummies, a lot of wins in the coma
it’s like that, you know
when you start talking to yourself i just start listening to you
because it’s like that, i gotta get back you know
and it’s fun how i just pop by but you brought a lot of stuff and you .. when is the prison
is like a lot of stuff and my name on it and lot of ??
but it was something that stood by me about
you should, you should kill the way that you received
it was something that would ??
and so for me it was just about you know giving back from the south side
different colors part, use apart starting from the ..
starting from the new list, starting from the origin you know
and this two living for the kids and my ??
my whole high school we just feel good for my mom came, you know what i’m saying
couple of my partners got .. a lot of kids at 10-13 i was very impressed to turn up
and then, and then i was like the 23rd we do this kind of serve you know what i’m saying
all you know thousands, you know like couple of thousand do the come out
and a few acts from atlanta, hear the stays for free
and the only charge is toys and give in
and this the five more .. shut that buzz down
so that’s a good thing, we like to move to it,
you know that’s a big spot makes you
and so when i get all the toys not ..
i’ll take the next day,
and you know the .. i’ll take the colors .. projects
and i felt like the 17, found this cable
you know christmas and then
for me i have some stuff left so .. to me too
you know what i’m saying?
mom’s church on my church
and then i took the rest of guy wrote
and little hood, the strip south side,
and when you get money, and you get all the money this time
like you get .. i pull up
on my friend lucas, hey, you feel me?
you know i’m like him but sure you know what i’m saying
and they .. to me, they stash into it
let’s come in back, but it’s all good, you know what i’m saying
it’s the life of the south side that kind of ??