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lirik lagu 1vezzy – time zone remix*


new ways- new year, new ways- new feels, numbing the pain don’t make it okay, locking the doors don’t keep him away, changing the songs and changing the names, i’m indefinite they ain’t gotta brain, i’m choosing pain over gain, i feel so hurt and empty on the inside, i felt like a jerk i had plenty on this side, and i can’t decide just one side to ride on, it’s like having to choose the paper you want to write on, if you ain’t bout it keep yo fight on, if i tell you i mess with both of y’all ima feel like a night con, instead of an icon, the memories build up, they piled up, to pick up, the five dollar fill ups, teenage fever getting her held, my eagerness is getting meaner how can you tell, they leaving the reminisce of deuces by the bell, how you feel deep, i fell deep, the stoop is steep, how you upgrade wit a n-gga that creeps, back to teenage fever driving door less jeeps

the roles are changing, or your different maybe, i could be lost in danger, or i could i could be friends with a stranger, k-9 units is blazing the anger, i been cautious, whatever you plopped in my drink got me nauseous, when i’m balling the only thing i’m think if it’s dropping, in the locker room she texted late she might as well be calling, i like the looks, leave me shook, bold ways- you wavy

i’m not rapping for fame, i’m not rapping to enhance the game, i’m not rapping for change, i’m rapping for me and myself, it’s just a side gig, i see her on the side that’s my side b-tch, i’m everywhere and anything i can’t hide it