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lirik lagu 1vezzy – release of stress


i ain’t say no, you still went out way to hit up my bro, i thought it was gold, you messed with the waves, the singles, and even the fro, but that’s how it’s supposed to go, real n-ggas fall in love with hoes, i didn’t take you as a joke, i put it into my mind that you would never let go yet there you go you ready to fold

paying attention to your needs, period was a relief, losing feelings in the snap of a finger ain’t sweet, why you always laughing at the problem, if it ain’t what you wanna hear you dismiss it, how you gone solve em, dry spell before we was talking

i like older women, cause the young ones be hoes who be tripping, and can’t even be finishing they relationships, cause they can’t control they feelings, i’m not finna operate yo -ss, i see you getting mad i’m not tryna frustrate yo -ss, revenge is the best when it’s involving a bag

and that’s it that’s all, you be switching n-ggas like my court switch from ball to ball, you could mess with them kids, kid