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lirik lagu 1traitdanger – interlude 1


hey, uh, this is tim schenectady, pitchfork news, and you are now listening to…
1 trait danger
1 trait danger?
who the f-ck—
(stoney bologne)
hey, mike?
mike, how did these guys get on the playlist?
(1 trait)
mike, get in here, this is live right now, what the h-ll is going on?
(1 trait danger)
(alien boy)
this is not part of the setlist
(1 trait danger)
who picked this out?
god dammit, somebody get mike in here right now!
(1 trait danger!) (bitcoin)
(1 trait! danger)
what the f-ck? this was supposed to be whitney, mike!
why the h-ll did this make it on the playlist?
(1 trait danger)
this is supposed to be vampire weekend!
this is supposed to be perfume g*nius, the good sh-t!
(tim schenectady, pitchfork news) (danger! danger!)
what is this, mike?
(tim schenectady) (1 trait danger)
mike— somebody get mike in here right now!
somebody find mike or we are f-cked, we’ve been hacked!
(1 trait danger)
we’ve been f-cking hacked again, god dammit!
don’t you people realize, this is going to ruin pitchfork!
(live, from sat-rday night, it’s new york)
this is going to ruin me!
don’t you guys get it? where the f-ck is mike?

1 trait, jammin’ up your airwaves
1 trait, f-ckin’ up your show
b-tchfork never knew what hit ’em
hacked his sh-t with that hacker flow
1 trait, baddies of the business
1 trait, we’re the best for show
1 trait danger is the name, b-tch
1 trait, this is how it go

“honey? honey? come upstairs, dinner’s ready.”
“are you f-cking kidding me, mom?”
“are you hacking again?”
“no, mom, get out of my f-ckin’ room!”
“i told you i’d—i told you to stop hacking people!”
“get the f-ck out of my room!”
“get upstairs and help your father!”
“f-ck you, mom!”
“there’s mustard everywhere!”