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lirik lagu 1shot rock – i might


i might f~ck her slow
i might f~ck her fast
i might spend some cash
but i’mma bust her ass

[verse 3: mariahlynn]
he f~ckin’ me fast
i’m ridin’ it slow
ain’t f~ckin’ for bags
what the f~ck is you on?
this p~ssy worth cash
so n~gga just know
i’m flippin’ the money
like a b~tch on a pole
and yeah this p~ssy super good
he gettin’ it super wet
i give him the super head
way better than superhead
he bustin’ his ass
while i’m throwin’ back
don’t make me mad
or i get distracted
b~tch, i’m a snack
gettin’ it for stack
get paper, that’s facts