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lirik lagu @1richmiller – lord forgive me


everyday i send a prayer up to the sky
waiting for an answer
maybe the lord will for give me of my sins

[1st verse]
agyenkwa gye me wop3 na b3 pono aa wobue me
menim s3 wo de3 mesu fr3 wo hia da mu aa wotie me
nti na mede nkotosr3 ba wonim o agya sw3 me
nano ns3m aa mekae3, bcne aa meede3
nanso akua ama mandi aanka me ho ntome
afei nso i dedicated my whole life to human, sacrifices and all that, nso still omo ndc me
you know wha i’m talking bout
i use to put faith in other stuff without a doubt
mehnn i gotta follow the crowd
nsuo yi menim mu adware nanso nyame ka hoo yi ino go drown
as3 way3 nyame option
s3 wopim so na 3nkc yie then u come with questions
lord why? u know i don’t deserve this
buh i dey barb first of all please god forgive us

[2nd verse]
agyenkwa gye me wop3 na b3 pono aa wobue me
last time u know we k!lled an unborn baby
3ny3 mep3 but i had to do it for a reason
we had to do it i don’t know wheda u understand me
after that i blew some rolls just to cool down
wasn’t easy, first time i did such thing i felt so bad
awurade mesr3 faky3 me cos my life is messed up
i pray to u more often
i enjoy the smoke nanso am still coughing
i mean im still laughing at these rappers i k!lled their spirits and vim on the streets n gave no coffins
lord ibeg have mercy
kronoo yi b3si d3n na m’agyae
adwaman ne kalabuley and the web got we thirsty
meesu me fr3 wo oo na dab3n da? merci