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lirik lagu $1m-hood – freestyle


yeah, yeah
check it out, fresh shit, beat
check it, it’s $1m-hood
straight into it, g
no wasting time

[verse one]
sit back, i spit raps, i spit tracks
i’m the king of my city, the king of my town
king of baysie, back on the mic, back on this rap
back on these banging tracks
so, bang the raps, so right
these lines, i’m a banger in the tracks
and the rap scene, so raw
coming back from my city
i’m so on the grind
back in my city, i know i’m the sickest
i’ll always have my pen and the pad, thinking of new rhymes
i’m back, doing what i do
i’m that pro on the mic, you be judging, g (whoa)
i do what i do, and everybody be telling me
‘how do you do it?’
just like that, off the top of the dome
homie, i got a talent and i’m never gonna stop
had this talent since i was a twisted teen
grew up struggling, g, started this when i was 10 years old
before i even reached my teen years, homie
and you started judging me when i got to high school
just cause i was a rap star, just cause i was that poet on the mic
fucking on the grind, every day chilling
sit back, sit back in my hood and i do what i do
and i don’t give a fuck if you’re hating on me, g
you’re just jealous cause i do what i do
still on the fucking grind, and i can’t stop
i’ve been on this grind for too long
all these haters will be hating on this, g
just because he’s got a fucking talent, yeah!
i’m never stopping, i’m rocking it up
for my city and my people who just want to be like me
just wanna be like me, always in the gym or rapping tracks
aw yeah, g, that’s my life
and that’s how i have fun, making music
g, and i’m never gonna fucking stop
and no music crew, i do it all myself
cause i got the fucking talent
g, i got that talent, and the crazy ma
why would i wanna make music with anybody else
they’ll just judge me
and make me try to make their music the way
i don’t wanna make it homie
that’s why i won’t sign to any record label
or any company
fuck em all, i do it all myself
from the east side, on the fucking grind
i be chilling back, sitting back
in melbourne city
i’m madder than a mad hatter, i’m a wild old g
i’m never gonna stop, all the girls love me, g
and i’m a crazy motherfucker
i ain’t stopping on this rap shit
why would i stop? i don’t do this for the girls
but the girls love me, g
cause they give me the love, cause i’m a fucking real mc
i be chilling back, sitting back, chilling back
kick back, relax
do what you do
g, i ain’t gonna fucking stop
i just grind, do what i do, with my fucking flows, g
you be asking rappers why they have their hands out like this
homie, it’s just what we do
it’s uh – what we do when we spit raps
i’m coming back with the big
on the grind coming back with the maddest things, g
i’m never stopping when i do this crazy shit
when would i ever stop doing this rap shit
i would never stop on my grind, never stop on my flow
i’ll do it every day til i die
been doing this for too long
so fast on the mic
so fast like a flame in your face homie
you’re never ever gonna stop what i do
and i don’t care if you be hating on me
yeah, yeah, yeah, you’re never gonna hate on me
yo, straight out from the hood, straight out from baysie
for free, yeah, i don’t need the money or the cash
i do it for free, yeah