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lirik lagu 1982 – 2012


“it’s 82”
“set it off”
“it’s 82”
“set it off right there”

[verse one]:
i’m gandhi
smoking the penn & teller with mandela
i’m leonidas, freedom fighting till they indite us
the heart of jesus, with the strength of an army
jakes wanna harm me, cause i play it calmly
stack money on the low like kareem biggs
with a mean crib
cause i dream big
machine guns and they only one call away
they make you lean back, and do the rockaway
polo everything, rose gold, heavy bling
fast forward brah, four hoes no wedding ring
now i’m at the top of my game, i want the better things
low low chevy swings, cold c0ke median
throw c0ke on a b-tch and let another one
sniff it off her body until her entire head is numb
two thumbs up to the creators of hip hop
we just trying to keep it alive so let this sh-t rock

[scratch hook]:
“it’s 82”
“making it to the top”
“this whole sh-t once started in law town”
“me and stat, world renown”
“i’m a real show off”
“can y’all feel that?”
“this whole sh-t once started in law town”

[verse two]:
it’s the god, g.o.d
neo, i’m the one
a prophecy of philosophy
i stand outside of the white house with white signs
and some black guns and some white lines
i try to be political in what i kick to you
sh-t is a ritual for me to be an individual
the drunken buddah’d, sour smoking champ, undisputed
amps bumps the music
till the fans lose it
i was raised by alcoholics and maniacs
crazy cats, serving little kids and pregnant ladies crack
i rhyme from the soul
i’m a poet slash brainiac
hate on that
put you in black like a raider’s cap
it’s young ology, fresh from italy
trip financed by my best ability
flash, herc, busy bee
hip hop history
sorry, but i can’t fit no burner in no skinny jeans
i’m from the city where there’s gritty fiends
bitty’s be like billy jean
dip my blunt in hennessy and sip it lean
it’s just statik and me, the best duo out
1982 to 2012