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lirik lagu 17squared – you are the reason


[verse 1 – leigh solemn]
you’re the reason that i’ve waited my whole d-mn life
stayin’ up all d-mn night, i know that i’m your man i
can’t accept it, when i see you with those other guys
but i’m glad you realize they tellin’ real lies

you ain’t david blaine, don’t know how you do it
fireworks in your eyes every time i look through it
if i lost you i’d spend my life on that island
but we ain’t gunna crash, (naw) baby we’ll be flyin’

this ain’t no love story, but baby forever
if you walked away, it’d be a walk to remember
remember when i met ya, remember when you enter
now you my center, you make me better

you get me i feel your pain and you feel mine
they wanna take back the hands, i wanna steal time
every time we fight people ask me is it worth it
i say yeah cause i know that i’m with someone who’s perfect

[verse 2 – fattay]
lemme tell you somethin’, girl you are gorgeous
i was starin’ at ya, i just hope ya didn’t notice
and when you ain’t here, you’re still on my mind
can i get my change back, change for a dime

i don’t say this corny sh-t, just cause it rhyme
i speak through my heart, my soul and my mind
every day is valentine, so please be mine
i’m 21 now we could share a gl-ss of wine

you’re playin’ wit your hair, i’m losing track of time
my boys ask me what is wrong, i say i am fine
but lets just be real, you taught me how to love
and even though i never said it it was always enough

i know you are with him, i miss you dearly
my eyes start to water, wish i could see clearly
i’m blinded by your beauty, i ask for one chance
it’s twenty eleven, i still miss that first dance….d-mn