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lirik lagu 17psyche – s.o.s


tell me, how the f~ck do i proceed, to succeed?
life is greed when we breed human greed over need
corporation greed will mislead, the lives that we lead
information, overfeed, then they make you believe
they’re moving the cattle
a sh~ll of man bounded by a shackle
to keep him ignorant to the issues that we don’t tackle
it’s a hassle
for the elite to get up off their saddle
while the rest of the human race marchеs into battle into
spiritual war
while those who еnforce the law
abuse it all, it’s a flaw, media ignores
our freedom of speech and thoughts, silenced evermore
i implore reconciliation be restored
write it off like it’s nothing to their significance
say the wrong~think, rid you of all your innocence
masquerading from multiple different instances
and in a sense we are all witnesses
to conception
not without exception
divide a population then fuel it with some deception
he who confesses
mute those who threaten
they try to force the next generation into depression
the transgression
so f~ck the government c~nts
how many clowns can you fit into a circus at once?
diagnose a fake illness cause he couldn’t adjust
just once, i wanna be able to say we trust
someone in power
not a f~cking coward
beyond hate, imagine if we empowered
in the final hours
the knowledge you devour
can help you transform from a seed into a flower
[graham hanc~ck]
when i’ve asked shamans about the sickness of the west
they say it’s quite simple:
you guys have severed your connection with spirit
unless you reconnect with spirit and do so soon
you’re gonna bring the whole house of cards down around your heads and ours
vast problems of global pollution that have resulted from the single minded pursuit of profit
the horrors of a nuclear proliferation
the specter of hunger, that millions every night go to bed starving
that we can’t even solve this problem
despite our alert, problem~solving state of consciousness
and look what’s happening in the amazon, the lungs of our planet this precious home of biodiversity
and, i did a back of an envelope calculation during the iraq war
it seems to me that six months expenditure on the iraq war would have solved the problem of the amazon forever