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lirik lagu 14 trapdoors – bags of december


short moscato:
billy blanks, i kick the sh-t
many thanks photosynthesis
i’m synthesized with arithmetic
b-tch, i’m hard now, its a pre-d-ck-ament
im lost now, i’m crossed out
foresight, young foreplay
im gucci mane, like horse fades
voice ho-rs- is my forte
here’s the scoop, sorbet
why you mad, porque?
drive lanes on the parque
and parlay drug par-ty
parlay drug drug par-ty
parlay drug drug par-ty
parlay drug drug par-ty

i’m a blunt tactician, you’s a dunce cap winner
if you must ask, listen, i eat drugs at dinner
got hunchback symptoms from slumped back chillin
i f-cked mad b-tches in the cut last winter
zim zimma i gots no beamer, bags of december, i need a sponsor
i gots my pockets, no i gots my chakras
bring me your leader, i am your father

time is now so don’t delay
i’ma pay back mine soon as i get paid
got too high today, feel wide awake
i’m the first man to surf on tidal waves
this earth’s been cursed feel like i’m to blame
might light a flame inside ya brain
try n hide the pain, but the sh-t still hurt
a make shift stu(dio), but i make sh-t work
if the house is full i’m danny tanner
short sniff lines with kids from hamburg
i like ’em slim no diss to amber
not mj, lebron, a.i. the answer
wear dirty shoes in santa cruz
while u have b-tt s-x with a van of dudes
and a camera crew, lit candles too
b-mp spark master tape eat a can of soup