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lirik lagu 1349 – perished in pain


i once had a vision
a visionof h-ll
a clear blue flame
burning throughout the universe
a m-ssive force of ultimate evil
a destructive and tormenting flame
wiping out all reason and sanity

an altering flame
a flame of corruption
so purifying and unholy
a withering maelstrom
of endless havoc
reaping it’s way
throughtout the endless chaos of life
if this is h-ll
then h-ll is not the end

i long to behold the infinity
and to harvest it’s secrets
(so) i spit in the eye of fear
and set sail on a sea of fire
black winds of doom
bring me to my destined desire
there is nothing
nothing for a human mind

only oblivion
and mankind.destined to pain

an infernal contamination
of sickness and pestilence
of this flame chaos is bred
and through this flame it is spread
chaos lies in it’s wake.

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