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lirik lagu 12twoface21 – humility


[produced by nk music]

[verse: omega]
walking up the stairs to my wife in the suburban
dressing the kids, driving to pray to the virgin
watching my neighbors speaking different words in german
hoping one day i’ll understand what’s behind the curtain
one thing’s for certain, this place isn’t ready for things that cause the hurting
their heads are turning, their hearts are whirling
the kids are dying on the daily rather than learning
change isn’t scary i just hate how quick it’s working

[chorus: omega] (x2)
father forgive me for i have sinned
to all the evil deeds i’ve done, i must rescind
toss them to the side and hope they catch the wind
hope there’s a chance to rip me from the fire’s limbs
(i said)

[verse: jt]
change isn’t scary i just hate how slow it’s working
i’ve been in this state, trying to make an honest earning
uncertain of the music, but i constantly return
i’ve always been clean, now i’m addicted issa concern
i drove past you the other day
as i went on a mission, i’m going the other way
i need to find what’s out here for me
how would i know what i’m missing if i never get to see
please, i never asked you to bleed
don’t think of asking if you don’t remember “greed”
you are the last thing that i need
but i’ll be god d-mned if i happen to misread
that’s why i yearn to get far from this place
not an astronaut but i’m going into deep sp-ce
when i’m light years away i won’t leave a trace
you’ll have my music if you miss me just in case

ha, humility