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lirik lagu 1100 himself – baby d


a younger fan see me out like leven sign my hoodie
and i’m the type to pass the weed when your mom not lookin’
do a n~gga bad [?] n~gga, that’s my cousin
i ain’t trippin’ off your b~tch, you know the dimes in the dozens?
that n~gga see me buffed up, now he huffin’ and puffin’
and this is not a football field, i’ma bump him and truck him
i got him lyin’ to his mama like he bumped into something
he said, f~ck 1300, we punched him and jumped him
yeah, and that’s the way it be
you should’ve played ps5 before you played with me
i been blacked a n~gga eye, and made him take a knee
this b~tch keep asking 11000, where you takin’ mе?
i’m in this little underwhip i get from a to b
i’m bouncin’ out with big b~tch, hе ran from baby d

you better stop playin’ with that girl, f~ck you![this boondocks??]

well, since you sayin’, f~ck me, i guess it’s f~ck you too
i heard you don’t f~ck with me and i don’t f~ck with you
n~ggas be mad when you doin’ what you supposed to do
together, everybody notice, but they don’t notice you
n~ggas be sayin’, liv for president, they gon’ vote for you?
just climb back up in your hole just like a gopher do
these n~ggas live under the bridge like a troller do
you movin’ like a my player, who controllin’ who?
i got dice tatted on me cause i roll and shoot
gram said i’m kinda tall, i should enroll in hoop
i got my cuz rockin’ with me so we roll in too
ridin’ round with two ars and some stolen tools
if you see me and you don’t like me, please go with your move



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