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lirik lagu 10six – robot


[verse 1: 10six]
in my room every night tryna write with the lights out
i need my room let me vibe or it’s lights out
and pretty soon i’ll have a model for wife and a nice house
living off of my sound, f-ck you if you might doubt
then we fly out for the show in front of five thou
i got the neighbours coming ‘round in a night gown
telling me to pipe down
i won’t put the mic down
’til i’m famous like i’m a-list, where the f-ck is my crown?
i’m never dumbing it down
for the b-tches that are running around
and running their mouth all over the town
but on the low they know they really f-ck with my sound
man that’s crazy to me
and i just think it’s crazy to see
all the kids that used to bully me are out here yelling my name
cause i’m the same as back in the day
i just switched lanes, started chasing money and fame
but now i’m taking aim at these lames, b-tches, and fakes
i don’t wanna name names but you know who i’m talking ’bout
i’m calling out these rappers who’re thinking they’re lit
were you born without ears cause it’s like you can’t hear that you’re sh-t
man you can’t spit, just quit, you’ve been told
it’s simple, from the moment that you first hear my single
you know you got no chance
how do i know that?
i can read you like a kindle
you’re sh-tting your own pants
’cause i rap faster than a missile, i go ham
rhymes complicated like a riddle, records pop like a pimple
i’m making these hoes dance
i wanna be known as
the greatest rapper alive
i’ll be on my grind ’til that throne is mine
the way i write these lines
you’d think that i’m a robot programmed to rhyme