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lirik lagu 10kmanny – rage


10kmanny verse:

i can’t stand these hoes
why you acting boujie when you just got exposed
i was really broke
b-tches took me as a joke
hoes always in my face askin me for bread
i jus tell dem hoes naw allat sh-t dead
how u askin me for sh-t and i can’t get no head
y’all hoes must be stupid y’all special ed
turnt up spazzing on the beat
stick my d-ck in her f-ck her till she cream
slide to the right
i got the pipe
deez n-ggas run up
i got yo life
n-ggas can’t compete deez n-ggas weak
y’all just want the hoes i jus want da cheese
we da new wave
turnt up on da stage
fight like johnny cage
b-tch i’m finna rage

og kutthroat verse:

we gone see when we see don’t beef on da internet
b-tch i keep da heat and u can get smoked like a cigarette
always wearin black a n-gga lookin like a silhouette
n-ggas sneak dissin no attention they be indirect
n-ggas say they trappin but dem n-ggas work at macy’s
p-ssy n-ggas rappin bout xans n-ggas fake geeked
n-ggas sendin threats f-ck n-gga i’ll be waiting
run up on me imma blow yo -ss like a ac
yuhhhhhhhhh x3 b-tch yuh
b-tch i make my own beats like i’m metro
my flow so f-ckin sick it gave me strep throat
b-tch i’m da black sheep
i drive da hotties u was in da backseat
i whip dat b-tch like dat b-tch was a taxi
if i want her imma get her like gatsby
i was surrounded by snakes like apache
n-ggas be thinkin dat sh-t wasn’t dat deep
unnnn b-tch imma ball imma athlete
my music finna blow like its on a gas leak
i done had h-lla girls callin me daddy

yuhhhhhhhhh x16