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lirik lagu 10cellphones – “in the flesh”


yvng shoku!

10cellphones in the flesh, might as well d-mn record it
n-gg-s wanna rob me but don’t know i got my .40
hit ’em in the dome, now my car looking sporty
b-tch on my d-ck but she can’t afford me
ask her what she do, she say she do it for me
i knew that was a lie, baby girl,you not important
smoking on some dope, feeling like my name is norbit
b-tch, i’m so high, it feel like i fell in orbit
b-tches on my d-ck, like my first name corbin
i can get her wet, like katrina did new orleans
bad lil’ b-tch but her best friend gorgeous
they both wanna f-ck ’cause my mouth clean like orbit
but i don’t get tired, i made both them hoes forfeit
i f-ck your b-tch slow but not like a tortoise
i do not pull out like i’m plannin’ for abortion
i ball on a b-tch, like my name michael jordan
about to hit the dash, drivin’ like jeff gordan
about to free my n-gg-s out the f-ckin’ pen, f-ck the warden
remember they ain’t show me no love like an orphan
now a n-gg- glo’d up, call that sh-t metamorphosis
had a spanish b-tch but that hoe got deported
trump built the wall so my hoe lookin’ for me
i dont wanna talk about it ’cause it’s such a sad story
got a n-gg- lost, like we tryna find dory
she don’t f-ck with you ’cause she said you was corny
shawty hit my line, talkin’ ’bout that she h-rny
get a b-tch wet like the weather when its stormin’
young thunderstorm, b-tch, it’s rainin’ and its pourin’
jugg the old man while the old man was snorin’
caught a n-gg- lackin’, now my pockets look enormous
i put some ice up in my mouth, i’m smilin’, lookin’ charming
your b-tch, she gettin’ nasty, takin’ off her undergarments
chopper by my side, it chop you up like [?]
b-tch, i shoot first and i do not give a warning
i will pull up on a n-gg- in the morning
smoke a n-gg- like some gas, like f-ck global warming