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lirik lagu 10450nbm – all bars


stackztharapper] c-ky b-tch in the party ima try to bone her n-gg-s stay working for me like a slave owner end a n-gg-s like game over running fast like his name rover snowing blowing bars stay colder main b-tches remain closer like the man i get strait to it remain perfect how i strait do it f-ck your b-tch that hoe strait clues like that boy stackz stay ruthless no ice cube like the barber my bars line you now he telling like nine news blind a n-gg- with them ice shoes ask me nice then i might move 10450 is my gang bust a band on the ball maines hollow tips and they got fangs move on no lames we sell it all like back page we wishing big like timmy turner burner hot no stove burner we hands on like a slow learner white shoes i stay showing big dog like baetoven like a stream i stay flowing all gas so i stay going n-gg-s talk like they on sh-t dred sh-t how i lock it 45 with a glock kit beamer and i won’t miss see a stain then i take it stop f-cking with basics shining now they hate this grip the blunt then i face it keep it till i make it flag hanging like my laces tell her get on my main b-tch now i’m making this fame sh-t

there’s three verses and a music video that went viral on facebook my group called 10450nbm facebook link here