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lirik lagu 100 gecs – ​dog shit*


[intro: dylan brady]
indiscernible lyrics

[verse: dylan brady]
n~now no~now we back causing mischief
hold it back, do you feel it?
see your face in the mirror
and your nails in the dresser
i~i i~i don’t wanna read the letter
we don’t have to talk, it’s better
sometimes i think you wanna k!ll me
sometimes i don’t know who i’m kidding

[verse: laura les]
i had to get a rhythm real quick
i’m taking pills that shorten my d~ck
th~th~th~th~th~they’re in my hand and in my tummy
we’re smoking extra [?]
my ears are dripping blood onto the carpet
open up the window, someone farted
everybody’s looking at me funny
oh sh~t i tried to smokе my money
i’m pinching crumbs out of my pocket
i’m smoking weed that smells like dog sh~t
my phone is sitting on the table
thank god i thought i f~cking lost it
i~i~i just bought a house for the weekend
feels like i’m always f~cking crying
i guess the devil’s in the details
i guess its all about the timing