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lirik lagu 0racle – wrath


i get cleared for reading verses, benefit of the clergy
these churches love me, i’m the same motherf~cker they worship
will you survive the next night? yeah, that’s simply uncertain
probably fall off cause you didn’t put the right amount of work in but, me?
i’m blowing up like the 5th of november
remember, remember, that’s how these f~cking bеats get dismemberеd
or beheaded, like i’m henry, i’m the king, don’t forget it
i’m the producer, i’m the writer, i’m the one who direct it
my life a movie, you act like you don’t got it on dvd
they got the k if you don’t sign on the dot like tde
your music so boring, it help people sleep like cbd
all these old b~tches buying my album on the cd
and these collectors buy my sh~t on the vinyl
i got the title of the greatest alive, i ain’t got no rivals
from king to a god, i’m the bible, yeah this ain’t nothing tribal
i’m higher than that now, flyer than the clouds
changing up my mindset is how i took the crown
flipped it upside down and gifted it to the homies cause i ain’t selfish
all of these rappers getting smoked but i don’t sell fish
motherf~ckers ain’t prawns, you p~wns, yeah, cause this is chess, b~tch
check, mate, you got to keep an eye on who’s your circle
don’t choose who hurt you, stick with who always done knew you personal
they either fake promoting you or using you
once you realise, earlier, you wish you knew the truth
trying to be gangster but you jumping the gun
walking down the street and all these b~tches humming my song
something smells fishy, it’s as if as something is wrong
say i’m too young to blow, nah, i been stalling too long
can’t decrypt my bars like his passwords
my soul got transferred
into these lines, that sounds absurd but it’s just what happened
if you don’t believe, you just a coward who wants some power
but you’ll never be as good as ashton, and you know that that’s certain
you got no stage but you always behind a curtain
you just bad at being trash, get this clown out the circus
you turning into a burden, b~tch, don’t get assertive
or you might get caught by certain persons lurking, that’s just how it be
undoubtedly, i rap powerfully
out in these streets, i’m seeing people who proud of being a tragedy
i been through agony, actually, life ain’t fantasy
there’s been some casualties, yeah, my feelings jump of the balcony
got k!lled by gravity, sh~t destroyed they anatomy
all they family wanna copy, causing more fatality
thankfully, it’s drastically changed and so happily
this an ~n~logy for how all my memories catastrophe
you catastrophic, you back to losses, yeah, that ain’t profit
you seem addicted to that and flopping just like an alcoholic
your influence is microscopic, they think i’m chaotic
till i convince them otherwise, i’m demonic? no, i’m hypnotic