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lirik lagu ​yusifsavage - flashbacks


god please save our soul
god please let our souls outside
god please save our soul
god please let our souls outside

i know you were wrong from the beginning
they been tryna stop me from the finish
if we talkin’ bout pain i’m a witness
all that fake love unforgiving
you didn’t wanna ruin your image
you decided to ruin our trust
you the one who threw away love
you the one who threw away love
you were feeling lost ‘til i came on by
clocks still ticking yeah you ran out of time
go ahead now tеll me what’s right
‘cause evеry single time i’m wrong you lied
you were staring at me in the crowd
god lookin’ down on me on my hands right now
remember when you wanted me down
angels on my back told me that it’ll all plan out

f~ck please
can you trust me
in my flashbacks
sh~t gets ugly
sh~t got down
bring it ‘round
full circle
flashback back around

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