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lirik lagu yungsublime – rap vii


when i think about this life we’re in its super trippy
i just sat and watched it rain and then it hit me
watched my head go up to heaven where it’s lifting
on a mission got a vision that i know i gotta lift me
ima boutta make the history
but i gotta make it more than just a mystery
or suffer misery
nothin but victory
hit up the plug then he come to deliver me
little bit of chronic
tell him and he on it
getting hydroponic
and i keep it like my wallet
it don’t ever leave my side
maybe keep it in the ridе
i’ll be chiefin till i die hoе
know you see i got my eyes low
let me know cuz ima high pro
got the sh~t to make your mind go
go so far, far away
i’m so far
like a star
gotcha lookin like a deer in headlights
couldn’t get on my level
you gotta push on the pedal
i’m gonna rev up on the motor cuz i’m never gon settle for some weak sh~t
i don’t ever want a tweak b~tch
might as well just go to throw her in a deep ditch
and you never gonna see switch
cuz i told her ima be rich
just facts
i suggest you get the f~ck up out of here boy
or ima switch my f~cking temper just to come and destroy
and build the outcome
i still doubt some
that don’t sound fun
i’m gonna out run
yo b~tch