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lirik lagu yungster jack – just like bruddas remix


chewing on bars, [?]
all i see is stars, [?]
i just saw my grandma and she said you’re so american
i just spent pounds in the studio aquarium
blood on the money count it up and then i purify it
i got blood painted nails, i was up and i got crucified
pockets getting fat in my jeans like that [?] guy
once upon a time in the cut, i got super high
truth to the matter, there’s no truth to the patterns
i got boots on my feet, i’ma put ’em in the wrapper
i got xans on me and they taste like cucumbers
i got blood on my t~shirt, [?]
smokin white runtz and i feel like jack skeleton
different kind of vibes, i got different color mеdicine
smoking on sedatives, i’m in my еlement
i’m not tryna kick it with you, you’re tryna benefit
or you’re just hangin for the h~ll of it
i love all my hoes, jk lol
f~ck all of my hoes, you don’t believe in fairy tale
pills from the east, my bro just got ’em from the mail
all these gadgets on me and i love them so much
i pull out a pill, and i chew it like it’s gum
the sad part about is it’s not really fun
you say that it is [?] but the truth is it’s not that fun
you’re out of line, that’s not a four leaf clover
noddin’ off behind the wheel, bro, pull over
move with the grass, i say f~ck a lawn mower
i got sh~t to do but i’ma call kenzie and sleep over
two seater coupe, caught your mans in the trap
goons in the cut, treat ’em just like brothers
treat ’em just like brothers, treat ’em just like brothers
they held it down for me when i was down bad
that’s my blood