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lirik lagu yung gleesh – water


(scottie pimpin’)
water, wet, water, wet, wet, water
wet, wet, water, wet, wet, wet, water
water (x20)

[verse 1]
she want some water mane?
i got some water
oh that’s your daughter? (oops)
i gave her water (ooh)
i got this goop bottle here for wet water (wet)
she ain’t even pay for it, i front it
i think i want her, she off the water
no molly, is that a problem?
goop bottle right next to my revolver
my revolver right next to the water

water (x16)

[verse 2]
gook by the dresser mane
boof right on schedule mane
get ya box, i’m flexin’ mane
coupe by the lexus mane
geetchie mane i got it mane
who that with the water mane?
you know i had the water mane
i was the water mane
gook bottle, i’m flexing on her
boof batch, i got two pounds on ’em
thirty-two, two blocks of yack
sixty-two, it’s jumping back
two blocks down we got some water
one block down you place your order
monroe boys run off with packs
take ’em out, he got some water

water (x16)