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lirik lagu yung ferry – mistake


let me believe that my birthday was not a mistake
let me believe that for parents i ain’t a headache
let me believe there are people who like but don’t hate
let me believe there is girl who will like all my traits

if u wanna see the real madness
see my life badness
there is no fantasy
see what i used to see
what i used to be
why i used to flee
see why i used to cry
why i used to lie
why i don’t comply
with your sights
see whom i used to beat
to be the one you always try to bite

my inspiration is imagination
my destination is being sensational
my combinations are sensless creations
my pr-nunciation is -ssasination for ears
i was studying for years
but now undermining my studying achieves
using distinguishing rhyming machines
barely streaming right from my genes