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lirik lagu yo gotti – killa



[verse 1 – yo gotti:]
picture me performing in an orpheum
a poor, living in the orphanage, d-mn
what my future hold? only god knows
thats why i’m staying prayed up, and ten towns
down on these clowns mean-fug forwns turn em up side down
let smoke out the pound of the kush
presidential like bush, whoops i mean to barrack
its a coupe but it don’t drop
hard top killa

for i let another n-gg- disrespect my n-gg-s, my hood, my family, i kill ’em
f-ck em, i don’t feel em, when the beat drops n-gg-, gets realer

any n-gg-s can get it, any n-gg-s can die
any n-gg- can front like they real, any n-gg- can lie
any n-gg- can make some money, only ganstas’ survive
and everybody can be gansta but any n-gg- can try, killa

fourth peela, west side, white ville, mci, [?], 201
out in mason, no two for one
85% percent of your time n-gg-
85% percent of your grind n-gg-
85% percent of you rap n-gg-s just sit here n lyin’ n-gg-
now do what i do without trying n-gg-, killa

open track, you hear the music? high hats, don’t confuse it
cocaine, yay talk, money bags, white chalk
murder, b-tch i said murder, pah pah pah
i swiss cheese your convertible
have you ever heard of the million dollar
n-gg- that ain’t dropped in 48 months
now that’s the word of the, realest n-gg- in this sh-t
f-ck the rules i bend that sh-t
f-ck the record labels, mayne i’m in this sh-t to win this sh-t
i ain’t on no gimic sh-t
all my ice in this sh-t
ferraris, porsche, lambos, p-ss the new boy hear me sh-t
you got no consistency, pull up in some rental sh-t
1967 drop, yea i got some vintage sh-t
yea i’m on some other sh-t, trying to get my brother rich
he been on that gudda gudda sh-t, you know that other sh-t
now slow it down, speed it up, if your b-tch open her legs
i’mma beat it up, killa killa killa head, b-tch mouth game serious
whatcha you say?

flipping them pies, n-gg- i’m on it
i’m gotti george young of the game n-gg-
who want it? a plug like sosa and heart like tony
its me against the world so you p-ssys’ don’t want it, killa


k stand for crazy
i stand for ignorant
i live large just some mars and all kinda sh-t [?]
i been through all kinda sh-t, apes, banana sh-t
you say you got goons, i got gorillas who be takin’ sh-t
you be on some fakin’ sh-t, cross ya man snakin’ sh-t
n-gg-s keep it real and say they life, i swear i hate that sh-t
why you on that phoney sh-t? have to cross your homie sh-t
putting b-tches over ya n-gg-s? homie, i ain’t really on that sh-t

[?] i’m giving up, ‘fore a hater take my life, i’mma live it up
killa, killa, yea murder one, suspect, i’m the only one
interrogation, 48, sh-t to say, rodger mason, we face to face
no co-defense, n-gg- i ain’t snitchin’, i know the business
n-gg- ain’t no witness
cut off the mic
cut off the lights
dr. dre’s, make sure they white
stop the beat, pose, take a break
breathe in the smells, then drop the b-ss
world fair, section 8, lord help my people
see a brighter day, rich-crest apartments, real n-gg-s
14, natural born killas, we choppa’ spittas, we work gettas
1000 lbs of mid, 18-wheelers, truck-loads, murda murda, kill kill
if i don’t sell a single record ima keep it real
facts, n-gg- these are all facts
went to school so cracked, got kicked out, came back
shot at me, i bang back, .50 cal, aim that, blac blac blac, take that killa



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