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lirik lagu ynkeumalice - florez 2036 (esgo big)


breaking news
eumalice is running for president under an alias
so call him on ballot his name is roz florez
states he’s an independent third party
and founding father of progressive ambiguous party
with an indigo color with a fox mascot
meaning mostly progressive with ambiguous views
says his promise to american
is paying debt and college funds
helping the community
creating a civil constitution a constitution to help society
with equal fair rights justice and liberty give people their
own rights his slogan is go big or go home “esgo big”

press conferencе
ynk or roz what is your plans for america

to go big or
esgo big
help the nation thе community and its people
put america and its people first love to build
up the community then make disaster out of
the community with construction and that
if so we are finishing projects asap
with fair equal pay and a raise

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