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lirik lagu ycm icy – mind 2


(ycm icy)
seven sins
say my name
ever since the day i came
i’ve been way insane
training tame lame dames
how i play to win the game
any weather
even rain
i stake my claim with no shame
got an old soul that came to blow ya brain
rolling in like a locomotive
loco motivated cocaine chasing
till my heart’s racing and the neighbors move away
they see my face and say
that i’m cooked and every shade of grey
trash to toss away
a peice of cr~p like a full ashtray
living life
till the day i stеp on the rake
and get a smack from fatе
passing cops in the fast lane
i see time in a different kind
i don’t pay attention to the speed signs
or the dotted lines
i gotta slime of a mind
thatll drop rhymes
at the drop of a hat
and slap the cr~p outta the
snitches that drop dimes
i fish with no bait and wait
patiently to snag mine
feeling fine like aged wine
im stuck in a state of mind
like a caged mage flying through vines
(lil panic)

i’m out my mind got my head spinning
nothing left in it except a couple visions of me hanging from the ceiling
i’m out my head i’m out my body might stretch yo b~tch out like palates
my skin is f~cking rotten like the apple on the tree
i’ve fallen far from being me i’ve fallen far from hanging trees
fires burning everything and i’m just focused on this scene
i’m trying best to keep it clean but i am not the better me
torch that b~tch with sedaline turn the lights down mezzanine
creep up in behind make my cuts clean
blades never rusting i’m never resting

seven sins
say my name
ever since the day i came
i’ve been way insane

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