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lirik lagu wyler adair – what’s up


[verse 1]
what’s up
it’s me
back at it again
improving every time
you know i’m sick with the pen
elevating my game
changing my lane
but never just staying the same
breaking the stereotype
with all due respect
eminem is king
but you can’t say every white rapper is trying to be him
it doesn’t work like that
what the f~cks up with that?
it’s like saying every actor is trying to be hanks or dicaprio
but that’s cap
rio ain’t trying to be ronaldo
lebron ain’t trying to be jordan
i f~cking hate how this works
it makes no sense
pеople are their own charactеr
i’m coming in peaceful
but best believe
if i need to i will start a f~cking war
[verse 2]
aside from that, how’s life been?
you still posting on the gram to flex all your bands?
knowing that sh~t has no end
you’ll go bankrupt before you can bank the next ten
grand, hope it works out
but i suggest taking my guidance before you blow it all out
materialistic sh~t only provide you with internet material
it ain’t realistic
i ain’t no financial advisor
but i can advise ya
to work on your health
before you shove it on a shelf
all just for internet points
it ain’t worth anything
those points are pointless
gucci, lv, balenciaga, chanel
that sh~t is f~cking obsolete now
f~ck your clothes, f~ck your jewellery
it don’t mean anything
that sh~t is f~cking sad now

listen, i’ve got nothing against you if you rap about certain things
but just think for a minute
what if you changed it up
spoke about sh~t people actually deal with on a day to day basis
help them
guide them
make a difference in their life
no one cares how many cars you have or how expensive your house is
but everyone cares to know there’s someone out there for them