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lirik lagu winterhill – bambi


tabs accumulate, like
i’ll totally read that passage on gramsci
got halfway through
and passed, into my second nap
lay back, let it burn around me like bambi
(you must get up)
fatherly advice
re~packed into self~revelation’s got me scrambling
i stand here with nothing
had opportunity, but was handless to mold it
and now
in my eyes, at least there’s something
let me get a second swing at bat, i won’t bunt it
i try to stay, unblunted, cause funds get sunk in quick and, dip my head under
with atmospheric pressure next to a sunken ship’s, shut in
rep nothing but thе nutritional value, of f~cking chips
i’d love to slink around, like i don’t еxist
lazy by nature if you’d wanna call it that
tryna unlearn a habit of
natural disgust
and do something, for someone else, with the things, i’ve been entrusted

and maybe get a 6 pack…
i’m just kidding i’ll never get a 6 pack

i wish i was with my partner today
i feel like i could do nothing
i’d like to have someone, to make the room less quiet today
i’ll instead make a pile of heavy things and hide away
like by the way
thanks mom for the nice sweater
i hate cold mornings used to like this weather
now i think it’s alright, it’s like whatever
spent too much time on play, now it’s all work, nothing better