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lirik lagu wild child – follow me


(verse 1)
oh you made me wonder
opened another door
where i ain’t been in a while
i know i shouldn’t boy but
let’s have another pour
that moon makes me thirsty for wine

and i said, “would you look at that, i think i love your body”
you read mine like a book
oh the marks that i made upon your shoulders, sure gave you a good look

(verse 2)
let’s have another go
we’ll learn something we didn’t know
i’ll be your distraction a while
these afternoons move slow
don’t have no place to go
and the company we keep is so kind


(verse 3)
maybe we’ll take our time
and for the moment you’ll be mine
i know you play all the right cards
and when the day is done
i’ll try and pack up and be gone
we’ll see if i make it past the yard

(chorus) x 2

sure gave you a good look
sure gave you a good look